2020-12-24 | BY Yan Yan
The USCG may stir up the waters in the South China Sea through new means in the name of fisheries enforcement cooperation, to challenge China’s South china Sea claim, and to hedge China’s maritime activities. This will be an important option in the toolkit of the South China Sea policy of future U.S. administrations.
2020-11-23 | BY Chang Ching
The reason why there were so many misinterpretations and plausible speculations from the international society towards Beijing’s decision to establish the East China Sea ADIZ, in the author’s perspectives, was due to the lack of understanding of its original intention.
2020-09-07 | BY Mark J. Valencia
Contrary to the oft expressed plea for peace and stability by Southeast Asian states, this statement has generated instability and increased tensions.
2020-07-22 | BY Chang Ching
The FONOP conducted by the United States is a well-packed gunboat diplomacy covered by various legal arguments.
2020-06-12 | BY Wu Shicun
Vietnam has been pondering over arbitration for years to threaten China.
2020-06-03 | BY Ngeow Chow-Bing
Malaysia’s strategic dilemma is not going away.
2020-05-27 | BY Chen Cihang
The U.S. stance on the South China Sea issue has shifted from the “superficial neutrality” to “anti-China rhetoric”.
2020-04-23 | BY Rommel Banlaoi
The world’s lockdown against COVID-19 is not locking down state activities in the South China Sea. All the claimants and stakeholders remain vigilant of the situation。
2019-12-20 | BY Koh Swee Lean Collin
In today’s context of evolving, more complex security environment, the drive towards promoting such engagements becomes ever more critical especially as Southeast Asian governments continue to confront not only an extant broad spectrum of security challenges but the need to carefully husband finite resources and allocate them to areas of security priorities.