James Bosbotinis

Dr James Bosbotinis is a specialist in defence and international affairs. He has particular expertise in the study of contemporary maritime strategy, assessing naval and air force developments, geopolitical analysis, and generating understanding of the connections between maritime strategy and national policy. Dr Bosbotinis has extensive experience encompassing academic and policy-relevant research and analysis for a range of customers, including UK government bodies. He has written widely on issues including the development of British maritime strategy, maritime airpower, Russian maritime doctrine, naval and wider military (including nuclear) modernisation, and China’s evolving strategy. Dr Bosbotinis is the Book Reviews Editor for The Naval Review (the UK’s professional journal for the Royal Navy), a member of the Defence IQ Advisory Board, an Associate Member of the Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies, King’s College London, and the co-CEO of JB Associates, a geopolitical risk advisory.