2020-10-12 | BY SCSPI
As the typhoons clam down and fishing season comes, the Vietnamese IUU fishing are likely to rebound again.
2020-10-12 | BY SCSPI
Despite frequent typhoons in China’s near seas in September, the US sent 60 sorties of spy planes to conduct close-in reconnaissance of China.
In 2020, Vietnamese fishermen have frequently clashed with Indonesian and Malaysian law enforcement forces at sea, even causing casualties and raising concerns.
2020-09-18 | BY SCSPI
This behavior undoubtedly adds significant risks and unstable factors to global aviation safety, which will cause misjudgments, and be likely to bring danger to real civilian passenger aircraft, especially to those from the countries that are impersonated.
2020-09-07 | BY Mark J. Valencia
Contrary to the oft expressed plea for peace and stability by Southeast Asian states, this statement has generated instability and increased tensions.