2020-06-03 | BY Ngeow Chow-Bing
Malaysia’s strategic dilemma is not going away.
2020-05-27 | BY Chen Cihang
The U.S. stance on the South China Sea issue has shifted from the “superficial neutrality” to “anti-China rhetoric”.
2020-05-10 | BY SCSPI
The activities of Vietnam’s fishing vessels remain one of the most intensive in the South China Sea, no matter in terms of scope or quantity.
2020-04-30 | BY Chen Xiangmiao
Vietnam’s strategy of playing the victim deliberately amplifies China’s power advantage, making China a “bully” at sea so that it can gain sympathy and support from the international community when it conducts unilateral activities in Spratly Islands such as island/reef fortification and oil/gas exploitation.
2020-04-23 | BY Rommel Banlaoi
The world’s lockdown against COVID-19 is not locking down state activities in the South China Sea. All the claimants and stakeholders remain vigilant of the situation。