2021-10-29 | BY Dan Steinbock
As the Duterte era is gradually ending, new arms races and nuclear proliferation cast a dark shadow over Southeast Asia. The Philippines may be sleepwalking into military-nuclear entanglements.
2021-10-15 | BY Mark J. Valencia
Another American foreign policy failure may be in the offing—this time regarding America’s involvement in the South China Sea situation.
2021-09-21 | BY James Bosbotinis
It is likely that Australia’s decision to acquire SSNs will further stimulate investment in the region in advanced submarine and anti-submarine warfare capabilities.
2021-08-22 | BY Mark J. Valencia
Today, crossing the Rubicon means metaphorically to pass a point of no return. Some say that US-China relations have crossed the Rubicon and that they will now inexorably spiral downward eventually resulting in kinetic conflict.
2021-07-30 | BY Rommel Banlaoi
By being an ambiguous ally, it allows the Philippines to arguably pursue a more independent foreign policy.