2022-02-22 | BY Mark J. Valencia
The Biden Administration’s long awaited Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS) has finally been released. It is being widely panned by both liberal and conservative critics. One says “any Indo-Pacific Strategy that does not directly identify the China threat and offers a comprehensive strategy for addressing it is no Indo-Pacific Strategy at all”. While this seems extreme, it is indicative of how far the administration would need to go to satisfy some of its critics.
2022-02-08 | BY Lei Xiaolu
It has been recently reported that the 400-ton armed fishing vessel TK 1482 ordered by the Vietnamese militia is about to be launched. It is not unusual that militia could be equipped with military weapons to support or replace regular military forces in warfare. While in peacetime, this practice is very rare. The use of weapons on the well-equipped militia vessels would entail the risk of causing significant harm to regional security and stability.
2021-12-31 | BY Wang Tengfei, Song Runxi
Since 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has swept across Vietnam, but a large-scale of Vietnamese fishing...
2021-12-26 | BY Zheng Zhihua
There is no doubt that China and the Philippines have a territorial sovereignty dispute over the Spratly Islands, including Second Thomas Shoal. The United States has repeatedly stated that it takes no position on territorial disputes over islands and reefs in the South China Sea. However, it has now reneged on its prior statements and claimed to stand with its ally, the Philippines, to uphold the so-called “rules-based international maritime order”.These self-contradictory policy statements reveal that the United States has respect neither for the Philippines nor for its own pledges. Its true intent is not for maintaining a “rules-based order”, but for continuing its hegemony.
2021-11-08 | BY Zhang Xinjun
The legality of passage through the Taiwan Strait is one thing, using the passage for political maneuvering and provocation is another. The recent passages of foreign warships through the Taiwan Strait with accompanying blatant remarks deserves China ‘s attention on the timing, frequency, and the manner of such passages. The passages shall be condemned as they undermine the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.