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2021-07-13 | SCSPI
SCSPI mapped out the paths through AIS data, with their activities showing the



Another American foreign policy failure may be in the offing—this time regarding America’s …CONTINUE READING
It is likely that Australia’s decision to acquire SSNs will further stimulate investment in the …CONTINUE READING
Today, crossing the Rubicon means metaphorically to pass a point of no return. Some say that US- …CONTINUE READING
By being an ambiguous ally, it allows the Philippines to arguably pursue a more independent foreign …CONTINUE READING
US military’s frequent close-in reconnaissance is always one of the three major obstacles to the …CONTINUE READING


Given current realities in the SCS, the main focus should be on promoting scientific cooperation …CONTINUE READING
As some of these countries enhance the power presence and military activities in the South China …CONTINUE READING
The international community should cease the unnecessary hype on the South China Sea and believe …CONTINUE READING


Recently, the war of words that continues to create volumes for followers of the South China Sea …CONTINUE READING
The US has repeatedly emphasized the necessity of expanding the rules of air and maritime …CONTINUE READING
The Japanese government, disregard of causes and consequences of an incident, links the East China …CONTINUE READING
As a concerted effort to inflame tensions in the South China Sea, the recent Felipe Reef debacle is …CONTINUE READING
It’s been a year since SCSPI exposed Vietnamese fishing vessels’ intrusion into Chinese waters near …CONTINUE READING

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