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2020-11-18 | SCSPI
Since March of 2020, the U.S. has been sending several civilian contractor



The USCG may stir up the waters in the South China Sea through new means in the name of fisheries …CONTINUE READING
The reason why there were so many misinterpretations and plausible speculations from the …CONTINUE READING
Contrary to the oft expressed plea for peace and stability by Southeast Asian states, this …CONTINUE READING
What cards the U.S. still has on the South China Sea?
The FONOP conducted by the United States is a well-packed gunboat diplomacy covered by various …CONTINUE READING


Given current realities in the SCS, the main focus should be on promoting scientific cooperation …CONTINUE READING
As some of these countries enhance the power presence and military activities in the South China …CONTINUE READING
The international community should cease the unnecessary hype on the South China Sea and believe …CONTINUE READING


It’s been a year since SCSPI exposed Vietnamese fishing vessels’ intrusion into Chinese waters near …CONTINUE READING
The Vietnamese fishing vessels rebounded in November.
Bill Hayton produced a narrative that describes China as a domestic political creation, utilizing... CONTINUE READING
Despite extreme weather, this October still saw nearly a hundred Vietnamese fishing vessels …CONTINUE READING
As the typhoons clam down and fishing season comes, the Vietnamese IUU fishing are likely to …CONTINUE READING

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