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2022-03-27 | SCSPI
In 2021, as the US placed great emphasis on military deterrence against China,



The second Marcos administration is expected to inject much policy continuity in dealing with the …CONTINUE READING
The Biden Administration’s long awaited Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS) has finally been released. It …CONTINUE READING
As the Duterte era is gradually ending, new arms races and nuclear proliferation cast a dark shadow …CONTINUE READING
Another American foreign policy failure may be in the offing—this time regarding America’s …CONTINUE READING
It is likely that Australia’s decision to acquire SSNs will further stimulate investment in the …CONTINUE READING


Given current realities in the SCS, the main focus should be on promoting scientific cooperation …CONTINUE READING
As some of these countries enhance the power presence and military activities in the South China …CONTINUE READING
The international community should cease the unnecessary hype on the South China Sea and believe …CONTINUE READING


The U.S. is setting a dangerous example by unilaterally asserting and implementing its …CONTINUE READING
In recent years, amid the backdrop of intensified China-US military competition, both sides agree …CONTINUE READING
It has been recently reported that the 400-ton armed fishing vessel TK 1482 ordered by the …CONTINUE READING
There is no doubt that China and the Philippines have a territorial sovereignty dispute over the …CONTINUE READING
The legality of passage through the Taiwan Strait is one thing, using the passage for political …CONTINUE READING

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