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2020-03-28 | SCSPI
In 2019, the US armed forces continued to carry out intensive military



Malaysia’s strategic dilemma is not going away.
The U.S. stance on the South China Sea issue has shifted from the “superficial neutrality” to “anti …CONTINUE READING
The world’s lockdown against COVID-19 is not locking down state activities in the South China Sea …CONTINUE READING
In today’s context of evolving, more complex security environment, the drive towards promoting such …CONTINUE READING
In view of China’s increasingly diverse range of combat platforms and options in the management of …CONTINUE READING


Given current realities in the SCS, the main focus should be on promoting scientific cooperation …CONTINUE READING
As some of these countries enhance the power presence and military activities in the South China …CONTINUE READING
The international community should cease the unnecessary hype on the South China Sea and believe …CONTINUE READING


The activities of Vietnam’s fishing vessels remain one of the most intensive in the South China Sea …CONTINUE READING
Vietnam’s strategy of playing the victim deliberately amplifies China’s power advantage, making …CONTINUE READING
As the new fishing season approached and the weather turned to be better, the activities of …CONTINUE READING
Recently, the SCSPI has released several reports on Vietnamese fishing vessels, indicating that …CONTINUE READING
On March 5, AMTI claims that the almost constant presence of China’s militia fishing vessels around …CONTINUE READING

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