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2021-11-08 | BY Zhang Xinjun
The legality of passage through the Taiwan Strait is one thing, using the passage for political maneuvering and provocation is another. The recent passages of foreign warships through the Taiwan Strait with accompanying blatant remarks deserves China ‘s attention on the timing, frequency, and the manner of such passages. The passages shall be condemned as they undermine the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.
2021-10-29 | BY Dan Steinbock
As the Duterte era is gradually ending, new arms races and nuclear proliferation cast a dark shadow over Southeast Asia. The Philippines may be sleepwalking into military-nuclear entanglements.
2021-10-15 | BY Mark J. Valencia
Another American foreign policy failure may be in the offing—this time regarding America’s involvement in the South China Sea situation.
2021-09-21 | BY James Bosbotinis
It is likely that Australia’s decision to acquire SSNs will further stimulate investment in the region in advanced submarine and anti-submarine warfare capabilities.
2021-08-22 | BY Mark J. Valencia
Today, crossing the Rubicon means metaphorically to pass a point of no return. Some say that US-China relations have crossed the Rubicon and that they will now inexorably spiral downward eventually resulting in kinetic conflict.