2021-11-08 | BY Zhang Xinjun
The legality of passage through the Taiwan Strait is one thing, using the passage for political maneuvering and provocation is another. The recent passages of foreign warships through the Taiwan Strait with accompanying blatant remarks deserves China ‘s attention on the timing, frequency, and the manner of such passages. The passages shall be condemned as they undermine the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.
2021-06-01 | BY Mark Hoskin
Recently, the war of words that continues to create volumes for followers of the South China Sea dispute was taken in a new direction.
2021-05-17 | BY Hu Bo
The US has repeatedly emphasized the necessity of expanding the rules of air and maritime encounters to coast guard and “maritime militia”, such as the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES), and including the coast guard in bilateral dialogue mechanisms, such as the China-US Military Maritime Consultative Agreement (MMCA). During other bilateral official, semi-official exchanges and think-tank communications, the US insists on taking the issue as the top priority of managing maritime crises and frequently accuses China of its negative attitude toward the issue and insincerity in crisis management. Nevertheless, in my point of view, such requirements of the US are not only unrealistic but also unreasonable; it is just within the expectations that no response has been made on the Chinese side.
2021-04-16 | BY Chen Yong
The Japanese government, disregard of causes and consequences of an incident, links the East China Sea with the South China Sea on all occasions, being obsessed with showing concerns over and oppositions to China’s “aggravating tensions”. This hype of China-related maritime issues and the unjustified playing-up of China’s acts generates a feeling that the Japan hopes something to go wrong and tries depicting China as a “bully”.
2021-04-12 | BY Dan Steinbock
As a concerted effort to inflame tensions in the South China Sea, the recent Felipe Reef debacle is in a class of its own. The objective is to create conflict, continue the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and mitigate Duterte’s legacies.
2021-01-05 | BY SCSPI
It’s been a year since SCSPI exposed Vietnamese fishing vessels’ intrusion into Chinese waters near Mainland China and Hainan Island, has this problem got any better?
2020-12-02 | BY SCSPI
The Vietnamese fishing vessels rebounded in November.
2020-11-13 | BY Mark Hoskin
Bill Hayton produced a narrative that describes China as a domestic political creation, utilizing what he describes as a collection of stories that show: “A careful sifting of the evidence reveals that these ‘sacred’ boundaries are largely twentieth century innovations dreamed up by nationalist imaginations.”[1] Unfortunately, to produce these ‘stories’ there was a sifting of materials to produce...
2020-11-03 | BY SCSPI
Despite extreme weather, this October still saw nearly a hundred Vietnamese fishing vessels intruding into the coastal waters of Chinese mainland and Hainan Island.
2020-10-12 | BY SCSPI
As the typhoons clam down and fishing season comes, the Vietnamese IUU fishing are likely to rebound again.