2020-11-23 | BY Chang Ching
The reason why there were so many misinterpretations and plausible speculations from the international society towards Beijing’s decision to establish the East China Sea ADIZ, in the author’s perspectives, was due to the lack of understanding of its original intention.
2020-11-18 | BY SCSPI
Since March of 2020, the U.S. has been sending several civilian contractor surveillance aircraft to monitor China’s near seas.
2020-11-13 | BY Mark Hoskin
Bill Hayton produced a narrative that describes China as a domestic political creation, utilizing...
2020-11-03 | BY SCSPI
Despite extreme weather, this October still saw nearly a hundred Vietnamese fishing vessels intruding into the coastal waters of Chinese mainland and Hainan Island.
2020-10-12 | BY SCSPI
As the typhoons clam down and fishing season comes, the Vietnamese IUU fishing are likely to rebound again.