2019-08-27 | BY Cao Qun
Given current realities in the SCS, the main focus should be on promoting scientific cooperation around fishery management, not politicization.
2019-06-16 | BY Chen Xiangmiao, Jiang Yanchuan
Since 2019, the “Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative” (AMTI) at the Center for Strategic and...
2019-04-08 | BY Hu Bo
The Chinese government continues to exercise some restraint on the South China Sea issue. It has...
2019-04-08 | BY Hu Bo
It is imperative that China and the US enhance the quality of maritime strategic dialogue. To date...
2019-04-08 | BY Tang Pei
As some of these countries enhance the power presence and military activities in the South China Sea in a way to cooperate with the U.S., security confrontation and geopolitical tensions are bound to be intensified in the region.