Press Conference on An Incomplete Report on US Military Activities in the South China Sea in 2023 Held on Beijing


On the afternoon of March 22, 2024, SCSPI (SOUTH CHINA SEA STRATEGIC SITUATION PROBING INITIATIVE) held a press conference at Beijing Post & Telecom Conference Centre to publish An Incomplete Report on US Military Activities in the South China Sea in 2023. Hu Bo, the director of SCSPI, provided detailed background information and the main content of the report.


Chaired by Yan Yan, the vice director of SCSPI and director of the Research Center of Oceans Law and Policy in the National Institute for the South China Sea Studies (NISCSS), the conference gathers over 100 participants consisting of renowned experts and scholars from relevant domestic fields, domestic and foreign media as well as representatives from research institutions, such as Lei Xiaolu, vice director of SCSPI and professor of China Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies (CIBOS), Wuhan University, and Chen Yong, assistant research fellow at the Institute of International Relations, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences who represents SCSPI research fellows.


Director Hu Bo first introduced the establishment, development and future vision of SCSPI. He then outlined the basic content of An Incomplete Report on US Military Activities in the South China Sea in 2023. The presence and activities of the US military in the South China Sea are significant variables that put a spin on the situation in the region. Based on open-source data and information, SCSPI has been publishing An Incomplete Report on US Military Activities in the South China Sea for the previous year since 2019. The series aims to enhance transparency in the South China Sea situation and provide a third-party observation and evaluation perspective as a think tank, serving as a reference for government departments, research institutions, media, and the public in relevant countries. At the conference, various data on the US military’s activities in the South China Sea in 2023 were disclosed, including patterns and characteristics of carrier strike group operations, submarine deployments, close-in reconnaissance as well as exercises and drills. Subsequently, Dr. Chen Yong and Pro. Lei Xiaolu interpreted the report and the US military’s activities from the perspectives of military strategy and international law, respectively.


During the open question-and-answer session in the third part, Director Hu Bo, Vice Director Lei Xiaolu, Vice Director Yan Yan, and Dr. Chen Yong collectively answered questions from the media, further elaborating on topics such as the situation in the South China Sea, China-Philippines relations, US military activities and China-US military relations.


The press conference concluded with lively discussions. Afterwards, Director Hu Bo and others conducted interviews with media outlets such as CCTV, Global Times and Beijing Daily. The press conference and report have received high attention and enthusiastic comments from domestic and foreign media.

Some media and on-site recordings are as follows:


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With a view to maintaining and promoting the peace, stability and prosperity of the South China Sea, we launched the South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI) in April of 2019. The Initiative aims to integrate intellectual resources and open source information worldwide and keep track of important actions and major policy changes of key stakeholders and other parties involved. It will provide professional data services and analysis reports to parties concerned, helping them keep competition under control, and with a view to seek partnerships.